Hi, I'm Anna

…and I'm glad you made your way here!

I'm many things but with regards to my life's purpose and work, I enjoy working with people on the edge of significant changes.

I've made some big changes in my own life, too. Many of them took place relatively unconsciously, yet they have contributed to where I am today. It was the leap of starting my own business that really awoke me to life and myself and guided me to my own purpose.

While I've moved since I was a kid, it was only the embodiment work I embraced as an entrepreneur that lifted me to new planes. In a way, I had returned home and like many others, I had forgotten what this home means.


To take the body on a change journey can make sense if we consider change is like movement - and it would be silly to move the head alone. However, when we place (even a tiny bit) more attention to the body, we learn to understand the body speaks in a language much more rich we're used to and holds information our heads will never understand.

That is why my work combines top-down and bottom-up approaches. To work in this manner brings about change that is sustainable, graceful - and a lot more fun! To include the body allows experiential neuroplastic change to take place which for me is fascinating - I can literally see my clients changing in front of my own eyes!

In a way, this work doesn't need to be fully (mentally) understood - instead, I like to ask for trust towards this intelligence that lives within us all. My work reaches these far corners - center? - of our beings and changes my clients to a cellular level.

Hand in hand with the embodiment work I like to talk about presence. I'm a practitioner of presence and keep discovering hidden truths and gifts together with my clients, as we're both tuned into the present moment.

I care deeply about my clients' results. Even more than that, I care about who they become in the process. I find that once we work on our 'human being-ness', we are creating internal change that is of a magnitude causing ripple effects throughout one's life.

Again, I'm glad to see you here. Take a browse - read my latest blog text, connect with me over social media or read more about how you can get closer to my relational field of energy.

The vibe…is everything x

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