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Since I went to perform ballet on a stage at 8 years old,

I just knew the stage is my kind of place. I enjoy sharing my story, which is deeply personal but also relatable and hugely empowering. The thing is, I have this weird skill to activate people to change something - and I'm not afraid to use it.

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My vision...

I use my gift of communication to touch someone's heart, activate an idea, make people feel good about their lives, or even change a life. #womanonamission

The types of talks I deliver

From keynote to workshop facilitation

While one of my dreams is to be on the TED talk stage, no audience is too small or big for me. I've done private talks for a group of five people and danced next to Tony Robbins, in front of 12,000 people in one of his seminars. Whatever the situation, I go all in to win people's heads and hearts.

In addition to public speaking events, I do strategy day facilitation which is a super valuable skill learned from my consulting days. Even in complex situations, I can convey the message.

My strength...

I go where many people won't. Through sharing my own experiences I can inspire and empower people to find courage within themselves. #daretolead

Why book me?

5 reasons why I'm your woman

You want to achieve something different? Completely new outcomes? Well, for this you need some great new energy. I know the power of physiology and what lies (often dormant) in our bodies and will help the audience to gain completely new perspectives.

As said, I have this amazing skill to be able to get people try new things! Now audience is too big or small for me. My talks inspire, make people feel empowered and hungry to take action. Oh and yes, my talks are always, always highly actionable. 

I'm always focused on the outcome and therefore happy to flex how we get there. I read people and situations and do it with gusto. 

I carry my feminine message with pride. The authenticity I bring to the table makes people like me - even them harder sceptics... And I just happen to have a lot of fun while I speak!

Do I need to say more?

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